It’s a Noodle Thing

I recently discovered that my 4-year-old likes Ramen noodles. I actually didn’t buy the Ramen brand, but just the noodles alone (can’t remember the particular brand name) in the asian food section of my grocery store.

I thought he might like them..he is a noodle boy. I just tossed them in a little butter and salt and he went crazy! Now my mind is running with the possibility of some asian-inspired dishes. Maybe with shrimp since I never seem to cook with shrimp and really should. This will be a great way to use up the abundance of vegetables that come to us via my Dad’s garden.

Speaking of my Dad, he recently informed me that he has my grandmother’s home-made noodle recipe. I have such fond memories of her noodles. Super long and really dense. I loved them. I remember my grandmother rolling out the dough on the table and cutting the long strips. Seems like so much work by today’s standard. At least by my standards. I can barely cook, but I’m making progress and have added a few new dishes to my repertoire. At least I’m making an effort to learn to cook new things. I have 2 growing boys to feed.

And another thing. Dad said he was going to try and make my grandmother’s noodles. I need to give him a call right now and see how that’s going! He may have to have us over for dinner real soon.

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