The Games & The Rebel

Finally finished The Hunger Games yesterday. I’ve had the book for over a year, but wouldn’t allow myself to start it until I finished the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, and I had stalled early in the third book. I didn’t want to finish that book, but made myself finally and was glad that I saw that thing through. I liked those books a lot, but they weren’t fun to read anymore toward the end.

Once I was free to start The Hunger Games, I didn’t. My husband got me the complete set for Christmas, and yet I still didn’t start them. I just continued to put it off and put it off. Then the movie came out.

Oh, I read the book alright. I read it in 4 days. Very quick and fun read. I’m onto book two now. I’m one of those annoying people who wants to know how it ends and LOVES spoilers, so of course I’ve read every bit I could online and the complete plots and synopsis of the entire trilogy. But even though I like spoilers, it’s never lessened my enjoyment. The fun is still there for me.

I’m going to see the movie tomorrow. I can’t wait. This is a book with a ton of rich visuals and I can’t wait to see how it lives up on screen. I’m pretty darn excited about it!

Oh, and I got a new camera today. A lovely Canon Rebel that I’m very excited to start using. The battery is charging as I type and I’m going to spend some time tomorrow actually reading the manual. I don’t want to fuck this thing up…it was pretty expensive. Here’s to adding some color around here!

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