Revisiting the Past

So I decided that I would periodically go back to my old Livejournal and pull a random entry and re-print it here. This gives me some fun content. My Livejournal was active from May of 2002 to January of 2006 so it’s just been sitting, forgotten, for a very long time. I can relive a moment in time.

Livejournal Entry from 1nonblonde on Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I have been uber stressed at work. I have to give a speech in front of my CEO, VP of Marketing, and assorted other upper level executives at 9:00 am tomorrow. As if work stress wasn’t enough……

My trip to Dothan, AL and south GA was a bust. The only good things about the trip were my new Chococat purse and wallet (courtesy of Fancy World in Wiregrass Commons Mall) and visiting with Ex-boss #1 who moved away in January. I figured I would probably never see her again, so might as well meet her for lunch. How often am I in Albany, GA anyway??

Must go now and memorize my speech. It’s kinda boring, unless you happen to be in mall management.

Cutie Patootie!

Yes, that’s right…I said Chococat. My favorite Sanrio cutie patootie. I carried that purse off and on and still have it. And for the record, I hated doing Property Reviews and don’t miss them at all!

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