The Extraordinary I’m Talking About

Yesterday was a wonderful example of what I’m trying to convey with my blog name and tag line.

I went to Chattanooga on a work trip. Just a quick trip up, see a few cool places around town, eat, see a show and drive back home. But in those few hours of what would be called an average work trip, I kept seeing extraordinary things.

Tree branch suspended over a dining area in Warehouse Row.

Tree branches hanging from giant wires is a pretty awesome thing to stumble upon.

Found outside the ladies room at Public House restaurant.

Who isn’t thrilled by a random Lebowski siting?

Sourdough bread, pimento cheese and fried pickles “snack” at Public House restaurant.

I went into a makeup store in Warehouse Row and when I told the sales lady where we were going for dinner, Public House, she said we had to try this. We ordered it and then were given explicit instructions on how to eat it. It was truly delicious and absolutely an extraordinary finding.

 So, thank you Chattanooga. I had a great time finding the extraordinary!

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