Capturing Words

I wanted to document those precious things that my kids say. I don’t ever want to forget!

The words of RJ:

  • When he randomly broke out into “Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell a chicken bum!” This was just prior to seeing a man at the grocery store with an eyepatch and saying “Arrr Matey!” Thankfully we were out of earshot!
  • He told his Dad how he learned about the “sandwich string” at school. This was from his stretch & grow class, so he was also demonstrating leg stretches and talking about leg muscles at the same time.
  • When I was very pregnant with his brother, he looked at me one evening over dinner and accusingly said, “Why did you have to eat all of the food to get a baby?” Translation – you look fat and I’m mad there’s a new baby coming!:)
  • Description of Hashbrown Casserole = “It was like french fries in macaroni and cheese!!”
  • Calls the restaurant Nothing But Noodles “Fire Spoon” because of the logo.
  • “When I grow up, I want to be a ninjaneer!”
  • His favorite Beatle is “George Washington”
  • When I told him he has to wear a “uniform” in Karate class, he said “Okay, I’ll wear my Spiderman costume.”
  • Calling BBQ potato chips “grill chips”. And then ate one and said “This tastes grill-y”.
  • In the store picking out an area rug for his bedroom….his Dad says, “Do you know where this is going to go?” RJ says “On the floor?” True statement, but made his Dad feel stupid!
  • Since we haven’t had mosquitoes in our yard (from treating the lawn), I asked Mr. Obvious… “Where are you getting all of these bug bites from?” He said, “From a bug.”
  • Bums = bumps. So I hear lots of sentences like, “This has a bum on it” and “This feels bummy.”
  • Doesn’t understand when to apply the phrase “on a mission”. We get strange uses of it, like “I’m gonna take a bath like I’m on a mission.”
  • Watching the London Olympics opening ceremony, he proclaims “It broke my mind!”
  • In the car talking about the rain. We’ve had such a hot summer and drought, I said, “We needed it badly”. RJ says, “Yeah, to wash the bad guys away”!
  • In the car on the way to school, RJ says, “When I grow up, I’m going to be all of the super heros!” So I say, “You’re going to be VERY busy.” His priceless and heart-felt reply – “Busy saving!”
  • Informing me that he wants to watch “Doctor Whoville”
  • Got up this morning and came into the den, where lights were on and TV was on. Squints eyes, rubs them and says, “My eyes aren’t ejected yet.”
  • Told me that he and his friends sneak out at night and the boys become wolves and the girls become angry poodles.

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